Ruggies Review

If you hate the look of curled corners and bunched area rugs, you’ll love Ruggies. They provide a firm grip between your rugs and your floor, keeping corners flat and the entire rug neatly in place. They utilize technology to form a strong bond, so they don’t leave tacky marks on your wood or linoleum. If only all of your annoying household problems were this easy and inexpensive to permanently fix.

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  • Super simple to apply, no tools required
  • Eliminate tripping hazards in your home
  • Keep your beautiful rugs flat and in place
  • Don’t leave sticky stuff on your floor
  • Make vacuuming easier


  • So useful around the house that you might find you need to double or triple your order
  • Some customers complain that they don’t stick as well after several uses, but just wash with soap and water and they’re as good as new

If you’re like me, you don’t like vacuuming over area rugs because they crinkle up and get pulled into the wand. Even heavier wool or olefin carpets are prone to this problem. That’s why I’m so glad I found Ruggies. Even if I’m in a big hurry, I can sail through the vacuuming without a hitch because edges and corners stay put.

I also like to get underneath my area rugs for a thorough cleaning every few weeks. This used to mean replacing the double-sided tape that I once used to keep area carpeting in place. It also meant scrubbing off the old adhesive that the tape always leaves on the floor.

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My Ruggies make deep cleaning way easier. I can re-position them several times and they still stick great. When they do need a refresher, I just toss them into a sink filled with soapy water to recharge their sticking power. It’s so much easier and cost-effective than replacing tape each time I clean.

Ruggies are great for people with pets, too, for those times when the dog and cat think they’re racing in the Daytona 500. Those scrabbling paws as they round the corners wreak havoc on carpets and floor mats, not to mention the exposed hardwood underneath. Now that all of my area rugs are secured with Ruggies, I can sit back and root for whoever happens to be the underdog. It seems to be an unlikely benefit, but those indispensable carpet corners really let me relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life.

ruggies-gripperI’ll never forget a really embarrassing – and potentially dangerous – incident that happened a few months ago. I had just laid out a beautiful new braided rug at the foot of the spiral stairs in my home. The main flooring is all hardwood, and without carpets it gets slick in places. Anyway, my neighbor had dropped by to pick up her child who was playing with my kids. As she was coming down the stairs with her son, she stepped on the new braided rug and it slid out from under her. Luckily she thought on her feet and gripped her son’s hand for balance. Otherwise, she may have fallen and hurt herself.

That incident really brought home to me the fact that I was responsible for the safety of guests in my home. From that day, I tried several solutions to keep my carpets from slipping on slick flooring. Not until I tried Ruggies did I find a cost-effective and permanent solution. I even use them on my stair tread mats to make the staircase safer for running children and elderly guests.

When I first discovered these great little carpet gizmos, I read everything I could about them. Naturally, I was skeptical because I had already tried and discarded virtually every other means of keeping my rugs in place. I found out that these highly effective devices have a multitude of little suction cups that adhere securely to bare and even carpeted floors without leaving adhesive residue. The side that holds the area rug or matting features a high-tech bonding surface that holds fast no matter what.

Some people have mentioned that they have experienced problems when ordering from the website, but I did not have a similar experience. Taking reasonable care when ordering and following the online instructions, step by step, makes the entire purchase process easy and quick. I also found that the customer service team stands behind Ruggies and is eager to solve any issues that might arise.

I highly recommend these indispensable carpet tools for anyone who loves decorating with area rugs like I do. Whenever you decide to do some rearranging, they make the project go so much easier because they allow you to re-position your rugs as many times as you like. Just a quick soap and water bath recharges them to optimum effectiveness.

Protect your carpet investment with Ruggies corners. You’ll also be protecting your guests, your pets and yourself from trip and fall mishaps that frequently result in injuries. Order your sets today, and tomorrow you will enjoy beautifully secured carpets throughout your home.


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