Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review

Hot Huez is the latest and best way to get stunning highlights of color in your hair. The amazing colors easily glide on, and since they are temporary, you can wash them out without causing any damage to your hair. This product allows one to keep up with the latest trends by adding a pop of color anywhere in the hair. It’s the quick, easy, and safe solution.

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  • Fast to apply
  • Easy to use
  • No messy sprays or dyes
  • Great for all occasions
  • Works on any type of hair


  • You’ll feel sad when it runs out
  • Can cause a split lifestyle – Wild by night and subdued by day

There is no need to focus on the cons of this hair color. If you run out, you can always order more. This hair chalk is such a popular item because it truly does offer you the chance to get those hot new looks when you go out in the evening or to a party. Maybe you just want a pop of color for the day. It’s easy to use, and it is far less messy than sprays or dyes. It goes on fast, and washes out with ordinary shampoo. With this product you can get those dramatic effects without having to worry about going to work the next day with vibrant hair. It’s the ideal solution for teens who are not allowed to have colors in their hair during school, but they really want that trendy look when out with their friends.

This hair product is so easy to use. Choose which color you want. Cover clothing with a towel to ensure you don’t get any color on them. Spray on a light coating of Hot Huez Primer Spray. The color chalk comes in a compact type of container. Open it up. Place the strand of hair to be colored inside. Close the compact, and slide down the strand. You’ll have instant color in whatever shade you choose without causing any damage to the hair itself. Best of all, you haven’t made any long term commitment to it. Tomorrow you can pick a different hue. Follow up with a light misting of the Hot Huez Sealer Spray.

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hot-huez-back-of-hairHot Huez Color Chalk is very affordable, especially when you compare it to the price of other hair coloring products on the market. For $14.95 plus shipping and handling you will get a set of four colors. These include Fiery Fuchsia, Hot Pink, Neon Green, and Electric Blue. Along with the set of color chalks, you will receive six pony bands that can be used to pull your hair up into many different styles after applying the colors. When not in use they can be worn as bracelets, a great way to carry them with you. In addition they will send you a free carrying case for the color chalk. All four hues will last a long time before running out. They can be used over and over.

Compared to hair dyes and sprays, Hot Huez is an excellent alternative. Hair Dyes are permanent. This means that whatever bright color you have in your hair for a party will also be the color you must wear to work and school until it fades or grows out. Color Chalk washes out as soon as you shampoo. Dyes are quite messy, sprays too. It is hard not to end up coloring the entire area around you and your clothes too. Hot Huez stays in the container until it is applied directly to the hair. No more squeezing leaky application bottles or spraying a colored mist all over the place.

This hair product is cosmetic grade and paraben-free. It is totally safe to use on all types of hair. It is as easy to apply to curly hair as it is to straight hair. Long or short, the colors look great. Another benefit is that color chalk has no expiration date. Haven’t had an opportunity to use it in a while? That’s okay. Your Hot Huez colors will stay fresh and ready for you.

Those who have already purchased and tried this color are thrilled with the effects they got. One person commented that “I can look glamorous whenever I want.” Many are happy that they are not committing themselves to any one color for long periods of time. Phrases such as “I can wash it out at the end of the day” are common. “Hot Huez is my favorite hair color” is heard time and again.

If you are looking for an easy, clean, affordable way to get the latest trendy looks in hair color, Hot Huez is the product for you. It goes on quickly, looks terrific, and washes out with the first shampoo.


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