Side Socket Review

surge-protectorI discovered Side Socket while watching TV one evening. I knew right away it was exactly what I needed for my office and I had to order it. I had been using unsightly extension cords and surge protectors in my office but they looked so messy and unprofessional. To be honest, my office looked like a construction zone with all the wiring stretched across the floor. It was pretty embarrassing.

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As a therapist who owns her own practice, it is important to me that my office and waiting area look clean and organized. After all, it is subconsciously a reflection of the quality of business the client is going to get from me. The waiting area just outside my office is a small alcove. There are no outlets in this area because it was not originally meant to be a waiting room. The only outlet is in my office so I had to run an extension cord from the lamp into my office. This was the first thing clients and potential clients saw when they came in for their appointment. Talk about an eye sore!

Before purchasing the Side Socket, I had one outlet to plug in for a floor lamp, a desk lamp, computer, printer, and noise cancelling machine. Clearly, I needed a solution beyond unplugging something before plugging in something else. I went to the website and ordered one for $10.00 plus shipping and handling. To my surprise, I was given another Side Socket for free. It was a buy one get one deal. The product came with a lifetime guarantee so I knew the company stood by the promise of their product.


  • Organizes cords and keeps them untangled.
  • Turns a regular socket with two outlets instantly into six.
  • The innovative product allows for furniture to be flush against the wall. The design is specially designed for use behind furniture.
  • 90 degree swivel angle – no need to move furniture or strain to use.
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee


  • The shipping and handling is expensive. Getting a second product for free was nice but I was required to pay for the shipping and handling.

The Side Socket has been incredibly useful not just at work, but at home too. I am using the bonus one in my kitchen. The Side Socket makes life with electronics so much easier. The Side Socket comes in handy during all sorts of unexpected occasions. I was able to set up a small stereo in the waiting area of the office. It plays soothing music as the patients wait for their therapy session. I would never have been able to do this before the Side Socket. With the extra sockets, I now have the opportunity to positively impact my work. The Side Socket keeps the cords nicely organized and out of the way. Many of my clients have anxiety disorders so having a clean, polished office is key to helping them feel comfortable. There are no miscellaneous cords in the way which puts everyone at ease.

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A bonus to using the Side Socket in my office is that I didn’t have to move my desk or couch. The Side Socket stays flush against the furniture and the socket swivels to meet my needs. It swivels a surprising 90 degrees. Not needing to move the furniture is a big deal to me because I am a small woman in my fifties. Using the Side Socket is much quicker than fumbling around with a typical surge protector while trying to work around furniture. Lucky for me, that’s a thing of the past.

I’ve read a few reviews for the Side Socket that were not always positive. Some people complained about a difficulty reaching anyone in to customer service. I find that surprising since the phone number is listed right on the website. Just click on Customer Service and you will be connected right away to a customer service representative. I called Customer Service when I wanted to send Side Socket to a friend as a gift. The customer service agent I spoke with was extremely helpful and professional.

side-socketAnother complaint I came across was a customer upset that the Side Socket does not offer surge protection. The Side Socket does, in fact, offer surge protection and it says that in both the advertisement and packaging. If you call customer service, they will also confirm this. The quality of this product is fantastic. It is very well made and completely safe. While I agree the shipping and handling is pricey, it is worth it since this product can only be purchased online.

I totally recommend the Side Socket to anyone needing a safe way to organize the wires in their home or office. It does the work of over 3 outlets. I am very pleased with this product and would order it again as well as encourage my friends and family members to get one. Anyone looking for a quick, effective solution to unsightly tangled cords and limited outlets can benefit from this product.

On a side note, I very much appreciate that this product is both pet friendly and child safe. I recommended it to my sister for her home because she has four children. The Side Socket keeps everyone safe by securely organizing the cords out of the way. This product was exactly what I set out looking for and surpassed my expectations.


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