Cat’s Meow Toy Review

cats-meowClose your eyes and imagine sleeping soundly and comfortably in your bed when the clock strikes midnight. Then, you’re startled awake by crazed sounds of lamps knocking over and loud bumps from something crashing into the wall. The hissing and meowing finally gives you peace of mind that law enforcement isn’t necessary, but you’re up and wide awake. Perhaps it’s time to get the Cat’s Meow toy for your frisky feline.

Cats seem to have a pretty easy life; it’s one of the reasons we love them. They lay around on the back of the sofa, sunning in the bright daylight shining through the window. They slowly saunter to their food and water dishes whenever the mood for a meal strikes them. Softly purring, they sit on laps and elegantly rub their heads against arms and hands to get in some more time for petting when they are ready for it. All that leisure time must be a wonderful life, but cats do need something more. Just like their owners, whether they want to or not, they need to exercise.

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That’s what is great about the Cat’s Meow toy. It’s a lot easier to exercise when it feels like play instead of work. That’s just what this toy will do for your cat—it turns a workout into a play date. The non-stop motor of the Cat’s Meow toy keeps cat’s active. The toy turns and moves on its own without a particular pattern, and cats are interested enough to keep going.


  • Adds exercise into your cat’s day
  • Helps cats release stored-up energy
  • Fun for cats of all ages
  • Makes an excellent gift for cats and their owners
  • Nylon and motor designed to make it through even the toughest of pounces


  • Investing in lots and lots of batteries
  • Having to throw away the unused, expensive cat toys taking up space in the house

Finding something that can keep your cat interested for hours is a priceless opportunity. It’s almost as much fun for you to watch your cat chasing after the toy as it speeds up and slows down, turning in different directions around the floor, as it is for the cat to play with it. It’s even more entertaining for you and your cat when the wand attached underneath the nylon cover peeks out. Your cat thinks it’s a mouse, and that’s when the serious stalking and pouncing begin.

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You will love that the Cat’s Meow keeps your favorite feline entertained for hours, but there are even more benefits. Have you spent a lot of money on expensive cat scratchers and cat toys that are piling up in the corners and closets of your house? Most cat owners can agree that it’s what happens more often than not. An expensive, elaborate carpet scratching post seems impressive in the store, but cats are too smart for that. They know that it’s much more satisfying to rip up your brand new couch or the freshly painted walls in the hallway. Save your furniture, walls, carpet, and curtains with the Cat’s Meow toy!

The Cat’s Meow toy will save you more than just your furniture and money. It also saves you time. Cats are independent creatures, but when they are ready for some interaction, it’s usually advisable to do what you have to do to make time for them. Otherwise, the meowing is just going to get louder. When you do need an extra half hour to finish dinner or fold the laundry, turn on the Cat’s Meow. You will be able to finish up, and your cat can work on getting rid that extra energy before the sun does down and it’s bedtime.

And, that might be the absolute best thing you will get from the Cat’s Meow toy. Instead of lounging around all day, getting ready to keep you up all night, you can keep your cat entertained and engaged in a toy, helping to release that energy before you’re asleep.

If you’re ready to get a good night’s sleep, then you’re ready for the Cat’s Meow toy. From the official website, you can finally order the toy you’ve been looking for to truly keep your cat entertained. Your furniture will be safe, your cat will be happy, and you will save time and money. As an extra bonus, for a limited time, you can get two toys for the price of one for a total of $19.95, plus two separate shipping and handling fees of $7.99 each. Plus, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!


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