Ice Cream Magic Review

ice-cream-magicEverybody loves ice cream. We eat it all the time in my family. The biggest problem we faced at the grocery store was picking out a flavor that everyone in the family could happily share. Everyone has a different flavor and there was always a kid who left the store grumpy that their flavor was the chosen one. As a mother of three, I knew there had to be a solution. I had seen bulky ice cream making machines at pricey retail stores but never wanted to shell out all the money for something that seemed so complicated to use. When I saw a commercial for Ice Cream Magic, I was very excited to give it a try.

There is nothing better than homemade ice cream and now that we have Ice Cream Magic I feel comfortable knowing my family is getting genuine ingredients. No longer am I feeding my kids unknown ingredients from store-bought ice cream flavors. I know exactly what they are eating and choose the freshest ingredients. This is extremely comfortable for me as a mother. I can’t always control what the kids eat – especially when it comes to dessert. It’s reassuring that they have a healthy alternative to the junk out there.

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Of course like most consumers, I checked out reviews of the product before I purchased it. Like many, I was skeptical purchasing something online. Knowing there was a money back guarantee was comforting and definitely helped in my decision.


  • Quick. Ready in 3 minutes.
  • Everybody can have a different flavor by adding the toppings and syrups of their choice.
  • Easy to make low-fat and lactose free options.
  • Recipe book included.
  • Fun for kids and adults.


  • I feel like the entire neighborhood is over at our house eating our homemade ice cream.
  • We are always running out of spoons.

Some reviews complain that Ice Cream Magic takes over three minutes to shake. One person commented that it took over ten minutes. The amount of time it takes to make the ice cream depends on the type of consistency you like. If you want the ice cream very hard, then I agree, you will probably have to shake it for a little longer. I prefer my ice cream creamy so I am very content with the time it takes to produce the product.

Another reviewer complained the serving size was “very small.” This is humorous to me because clearly it is not a gallon size container that you get from the store. If you’re looking for a big container that you can gorge yourself on, then this product is not for you. Any time you want more, you have to make it! That seems like a perfect solution to over eating to me! With this product, you can eat the entire serving in your own individual cup (the container is a cute ice cream cone shape). I refuse to consider the serving size being small as a downside to this product. When you are concerned about portion control, this is a perfect solution.

Overall, the reviews for this product have been positive. It is a fantastic product and I have recommended it to a lot of the other mothers in the neighborhood. It’s more than just an ice cream maker, it is a fun activity for the entire family. When the kids have birthday parties and slumber parties, I make sure the Ice Cream Magic Party Pack is ready to go. The great thing is, the older kids can make the ice cream themselves. There are very few steps that make the overall process very easy.

Not only is this product fun to use and the outcome is delicious, but we have saved so much money by making ice cream at home. We don’t pay for pricey name brands anymore, and yet our own homemade ice cream tastes even better! We don’t spend money going out for ice cream after special occasions anymore. We used to go after Little League wins, after school plays, etc. But now, the kids would rather come home and invite their friends over to make ice cream at our house.

I am extremely happy that I purchased Ice Cream Magic. It has made our family come together after dinner rather than everyone doing their own thing. Instead of scooping a bowl of ice cream from the freezer, we all stay together to taste each others creation. And my kids have some crazy creations! It is so much fun for our family and for that I am truly grateful. We love Ice Cream Magic!


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