Focus T25 Workout Review

focus-t25One of the main reasons people do not stick with a regular exercise program is because they don’t have the time. These days people are spending longer hours at the office and want nothing more at the end of the day to get home to their families. Heading to the gym just seems out of the question. Plus, gym membership prices are constantly going up and the contracts are tough to break. The idea of an exercise program can be daunting when all of these things are considered. However, Focus T25 is the answer you’re looking for because it worked for me.

I couldn’t have discovered Focus T25 at a better time. I take the commuter train about an hour a day into NYC from New Jersey. Everything about New York City is busy and time obsessed. I had been debating whether I wanted a gym membership in NYC or New Jersey, or both. When I did the math it seemed like a lot of extra money for a gym membership. I always enjoyed jogging, but when winter came, the ice would make it impossible. On top of all that, I didn’t want to spend any more time away from my family. I was already gone for over 12 hours a day. I saw a commercial for Focus T25 and knew that it was my answer.

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I read a lot of fitness magazines and have heard about the benefits of high intensity workouts in shorter periods of times. A Personal Trainer friend of mine is always telling me that is how he trains his clients. I had seen a few workouts that looked great, but nothing I felt comfortable enough doing by myself. One of the things that caught my interest about the Focus T25 DVDs was the energy of everyone in the video. From the instructor to the small group in the class, I instantly felt motivated.


  • The workout is only 25 minutes and can be done anywhere.
  • Fast, proven results with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Brought to you by the same company that created Insanity workout.
  • Four free gifts are included with your purchase.


  • Your friends will be jealous and want to borrow your DVDs.
  • There are no more excuses.

The website has all the information about the program. I watched the video a couple of times and read some reviews. It seemed too good to be true. I called my sister in Boston and asked her if she had ever heard of Focus T25. We often shared advice on these types of things. To my surprise, she already had it! She had been doing it for almost three weeks and was loving it! That was all I needed to hear and I ordered it right away.

The package came quickly and I was pleasantly surprised that it came with four free gifts. You really get your money’s worth with this program. The instructions explain how the program works by detailing the Alpha Cycle (foundation) and the Beta Cycle (core). At first I couldn’t do all the moves because I have a bad knee, but there is always a modifier on the screen. Literally anyone can do Focus T25.

I have been doing the program five days a week for two months now. I can’t believe my body’s transformation. I get compliments all the time. People think I’m superwoman because I work 12 hours a day, have a family, and still have a great body. It feels really good. I’m not used to all these compliments,

My 10 year High School Reunion is coming up in a month and this exercise program has prepared me! I can not wait to see all my old friends (and crushes!) and show them how great I look now. I was never very athletic, so I will surely blow a few people away especially the cheerleaders I always admired. Not to mention the increased confidence I have gotten from these DVDs. I was always such a wallflower, but now I am more apt to talk to people and be outgoing.

Focus T25 has changed my life for the better. I will never go back to long, grueling workouts in the gym again. They are not necessary! This program truly demonstrates that the harder you work in a shorter period of time really pays off. I look great and am a walking billboard for the Focus T25. I am always recommending it to my friends and strangers. This program shouldn’t be kept a secret with all the busy people in the world!


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