Night View Glasses Review

Driving at night is one of the biggest risk factors for most car crash fatalities. Reduced visibility and glare are two major issues that many drivers face at that time. Inclement weather along with dark roads and limited illumination from headlights can be a recipe for difficulty during even the shortest trips. Night View Glasses are the answer to keep drivers safe. Their innovative design lets drivers see with the clarity and improved colors of driving in the day time.

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night-view-glassesThese NV glasses have helped me become a better driver at night. I have never been really comfortable driving at night. Although I do wear glasses, I still consider myself too young to have difficulty driving at night! Before Night View, I was very afraid of driving at night. I could barely drive because it was so hard to see. I felt as though I had tried everything to help. I changed my route home, I put drops in my eyes, I even went as far as getting a “night time only” pair of prescription glasses, but nothing worked. I really thought it was my terrible eye sight. I always had to leave early to avoid driving home in the dark. It wasn’t a problem in the summer, but here in Chicago it gets dark by 4pm in the winter. Often, I wasn’t able to go out because of the visibility limitation. One night when I excused myself early from my book club, a fellow member suggested I try the new NV lenses. I had never heard of them.

I went to the website and was pleasantly surprised that the glasses were not expensive. I was expecting a lot because of the tremendous value of the glasses. After all, they were giving me the opportunity to drive at night – something I had not done for years. The price was only $10 plus shipping and handling. They are also very stylish. I was expecting to sacrifice looks over utility, but I was pleasantly surprised by the attractive design. I also got a free pair (plus shipping and handling) when I purchased my first pair. This was great considering how often I lose things. I ended up giving the pair to my husband and he loves them,

Click Here for the Best Deal I could find on the Night View Glasses


  • Protect eyes and I have stopped squinting.
  • I see perfectly at night now.
  • So comfortable I forget I’m wearing them.
  • My migraines have gone away.
  • Great to wear while I play golf.


  • They only work if you wear them. My husband always walks off with my shades when he drives my car and then I find both pairs in his.
  • I have no good excuse any more not to drive at night.

I read a review online that complained the glasses are “fragile.” I find that hard to believe and I think that person must have gotten a defective pair. I am probably the most irresponsible person you’ll ever meet when it comes to taking care of nice things. I drop my cellphone every day at least five times. I have sat on the NV glasses, dropped them more times than I can remember, and have carelessly tossed them in my purse a dozen times. The glasses have held up extremely well. From all the wear and tear I put them through you would think there would be at least a scratch on the lens. I tell you there is not even one.

When I first purchased the Night View Glasses, I was a little skeptical. Although they came recommended by a friend, I was still a little cautious because previously, nothing had worked for me. I was glad to see there was a 30 day money back guarantee for the product. At any time within 30 days of my order, I could return the product and get my money back. Since purchasing the glasses, I have recommended them to several friends and family members. They are the only glasses I trust enough to recommend to the people I love.

Some reviews mention the cost of shipping and handling being high. This is understandable considering it is over half of the cost of the product itself. However, the product is sold at a phenomenal price and not available in stores. Plus, the value of this product is priceless when you can now drive at a time that was once limited.

This product is fantastic for many reasons. The best one, perhaps, is that it gives you back your freedom. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to drive safely at night.


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