StufZ Burger Press Review

stufzThe StufZ Burger Press was developed by a man who loved to tear stuff up to make it better. This man, Dave Hanson, invented the Stufz Burger Press and since has become a big success. The idea came from watching a friend, who was shoving diverse condiments into a couple of hamburger patties with little success. Hanson deliberated on how he could make hamburger cooking a little easier. And now here we have it: Stufz, a small, round shape kitchen device that takes the work and mess out of stuffing hamburgers.

Hanson, a Michigan automotive worker, made the invention almost 4 years ago. He was laid off from his engineering job because of a stressed economy, and was only working part-time. Hanson wanted to make use of his spare time; something that pertained to building. He soon started inventing little contraptions as a hobby because he wanted to help others have an easier time. After watching his friend struggle with making hamburgers, he finally made a creation to everyone’s liking. Hanson originally named the little red gadget, “Stufz: The Next Generation of Gourmet Burgers,” but the name was ultimately condensed to StufZ.

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Now… This is ReviewGal, isn’t it? So, lets get to the review.

Stuffin’ Some Patties with the StufZ

My dad had seen an advertisement on TV for a hamburger stuffer. He stated about the amazing ways you can make hamburgers with this little gadget. Not to mention, I will not have to worry about a huge mess from my husband. He also mentioned he had recently purchased one for himself, because he was having a cookout with his friends, and wanted to try a new way of making hamburgers. He said he absolutely loves it and his guests were quite happy. I couldn’t believe what my dad was telling me and thought this could be the answer to my problem.

After I got off the phone with my dad, I couldn’t wait to jump on the internet and check out this delightful tool he was raving about. When accessing the website, I came across a video on the home page, explaining how to use the burger presser. After watching it, I took a look around the site, reading about the pleasing foods you can put into a hamburger. Some of the items listed, I would have never thought of. The company’s website was making me rather hungry with the delicious pictures of hamburgers and condiments. Plus, with the scrum-didily-umptious deal of buying one and getting one free, how could I beat that? I ordered my husband one and couldn’t wait to get it.


  • No messy kitchen to clean
  • Kids get to spend more time with their dad
  • Husband can relieve stress, leaving him happier
  • I will have more time to relax
  • Makes gift giving a little more easier


  • The kids may use it to play hockey in the house
  • People borrowing it all the time
  • Deciding what to put in the hamburgers

Getting My Husband in the Kitchen…

What wife doesn’t enjoy her husband cooking for her, but is tired of cleaning the kitchen mess from his cooking? For me, I rather do all the cooking then have to clean up a messy kitchen. Somehow my husband manages to splatter food over everything, including the walls and the floor. My kitchen looks like a food fight after he is done with dinner. Eventually, I had to ban him from making any more food because I could no longer handle the mess he makes. I didn’t know what to do until having a conversation with my dad, shortly after, when he told me about Stufz.

My husband loves to cook; he says it helps him relieve stress from his busy work day. I think it’s wonderful he likes to cook, which can be a tremendous help on days I have too much to do. However, staying up late and cleaning up the kitchen because of the mess he created, can become a massive headache sometimes.

Although he works hard, I don’t want to take his enjoyment of cooking away. Besides, the kids like helping him cook. They have a great time together, and it’s nice to see the kids spend quality time with their dad.

Stufz has helped my husband’s cooking, and reducing the kitchen mess. He now cooks on my busy days, when I have to run the girls around to their school performances and activities. It has been an incredible benefit, while at the same time, relieving the tension from his tough functioning day. The kids appreciate it, because they get to spend more time with their dad on the weekends, helping him cook. Plus, they too, even though they may not admit it, like playing with the Stufz. I know I do.

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stufz-reviewsThe Stufz has also been helpful when entertaining guests. We had some friends and neighbors come over for a cookout, to celebrate my oldest daughter’s birthday. Everyone got a kick out of the Stufz, and requested we have more cookouts. So, once a month we get together to grill out and have fun. Sometimes we rotate houses, and the guests supply the stuffing they want to use for the hamburgers. The men have an amusing time cooking, and I get to sit back, relax, and enjoy spending time with my girlfriends.

The Stufz has become the family’s favorite kitchen tool. It’s fun to use and comes apart for easy cleaning. I just take it apart and toss it in the dishwasher. It’s small, so it doesn’t take up much space and stores effortlessly in the kitchen drawer.

Overall Review

I am thinking about getting the Stufz for Christmas gifts this year. Everyone we know adores it, and it would take the hassle out of figuring what to buy them. Additionally, I will not have to deal with the long lines at the stores. I can order them from the comfort of my home and have them delivered right to my door. It will give me more time to appreciate the holidays with my family.

The price is wonderful for Stufz, and if you purchase the product from their website, you can get a magnificent deal. Their promotional offer, at this time, is buy one Stufz, and receive the second one for free. The cost is only $9.99, plus $4.99 for shipment of each item.


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